. Autores: Laia Quílez y José Carlos Rueda

. Título de la publicación:  Memory Studies 

. Año y número: April 2019, 12 / 2 



Breve descripción del artículo:

This article analyses different narratives of memory used in commemorative Spanish documentaries. It first considers the state of the question of the relationship between documentary, history and memory and then examines television productions made in democratic Spain that have advocated either a hegemonic memory of the transition or a counter-memory of the recent past. The second part of the text focuses on two biographical documentaries: Bucarest, la memoria perdida, about the Communist leader Jordi Solé Tura, and Adolfo Suárez. Mi historia, which centres on the figure of the former prime minister. The article interprets these documentaries as narratives of memory that evoke the democratic transition in different ways.